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This is my plan for my information report

Discussion Director Role Sheet
Your job as Discussion Director is to come up with questions about the text that really make your group think! It is your job to make sure that you ask questions that can create a discussion among your group. Good luck and get that discussion rolling!

This is my discussion director on HOPE FOR HANNA

My Question is: where did Hannah’s mum get the desees from( HIV/AIDS ) ?

The Answer is: from all the bugs around in the country

My Question is: why did the father leave ?

The Answer is: he did not want to fall ill with the desees (HIV/AIDS)

My Question is: why was Hannas dad angry all the time ?

The Answer is: because they didn’t have any money


Thrass plurals

Birds rabbits cats kittens ducks schools queens chairs watches dogs ladders fishes coffees dolphins gates eggs hands
Jams giants cages bridges legs bells mice hammers lambs nets knees kings inks pandas hippos rain cherries wrists suns dresses horses cities ice treasure sharks stations chefs taps letters thumbs feathers voices sleeves water wheels quilts yawning zips fizzes sneezes lasers cheese ants babies tape snails trays hair squares cars bananas beds bread me beaches trees keys ponies ears deers teachers collars doctors measure Zebras gardens fossils lions circuses ferns shirts worms fur tins pyramids tigers kites lights flies frogs swans noses boats notes snow coins toys books bulls moons screws glue lures forks balls sauces saws doors cows houses buses gloves

Bubbles and balloons comprehension



Australian inventions



Thrass explosion



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  1. Dear Tyla,

    You have uploaded wonderful work to this page. I liked the questions you asked as discussion director, but maybe you could ask more open ended questions to create a discussion in the group. eg how did you feel when… what do you predict….
    Keep up your great work.
    From Fiona

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