Inquiry reflections


This week I learned different materials are great and can be used for 3 or more different things at once for example glue is used to hold things together it can be used as a sealer and also as to level things out
I went to the library to look at books at the library and we found out that you show someone your product they try it out and if it’s not 100% you keep re-making it until it is 100%

My goals for next week are…
#1 finish the design proses of my “invention”
#2 finish at least 3 my ed app tasks this week
#3 do the plan of my product

This week I have brought in my materials I am also making a example product
My goals:
1. Make the product

Semester 2 reflection
I have achieved the design proses of my “invention”
I have finished the plan and the KWL chart and also the design page on Google docs

My goal is to now make my invention!

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