My inquiry immersion


What I did:
: we played a mining game and it was like we had our own responcibilities like a real mine
:we looked at a map of were they miner
:we watched a video

What i learnt: you need a permit to mine

My wonderings: how much money would it be all together To mine


What I did: we had to watch videos and answer questions .
What I learnt:convicts were forced to come to Australia and were kept in BIG chains.
My wonderings: why did they lock then convicts up for ?


What I did:
~we watched videos (my place) about the aboriginal times
~we made our own aboriginal art
What I learned:aboriginals told stories to stop the kids from walking in the forest them-self
My wonderings:


What I did: we learned the differences between refugees and asylum seekers
What I learned: asylum seekers get put into a detention for endless years not being told when they’re getting out
My wonderings: why does government treat asylum seekers like this ?

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