Why is it so and can it be better ?

What I did : we watched a video on young inventors and then we answered questions on thinkers keys.
What I found interesting : I found that all the things I could think of and the great idea ideas I had
What I wonder : if we could really bring your ideas to life

Celie :
What I did: we watched a presentation on phones and read a paragraph about telephones
What I found interesting phones look SO different
What I wonder who invented our new phones ?

What I did :we made a pasta bridge
What I found interesting :how much glue we used
What I wonder:how much it will hold

What I did : we made a tower out of news paper
What I found interesting : how hard it was
What I wondered: what would of made it stronger

What I did : we looked at design and drew a picture of something you designed
What I found interesting : how long it takes to draw and plan it .
What I wondered: how to make a blue board

inventions that changed the world

1. Computers are very important they run EVERYTHING !
2. Charles babige made the first computer
3.computers have there own mind, all it Is is the robot (computer) does math VERY! Fast.
4. Charles babige needed people to believe computers were real
5. Before world war Charles babige made the telephone
6.the Americans got there computers in 1940sm

My lotus diagram


My yes no sheet


My plans

Cleaning slippers


Eye drop glasses


Worlds comfiest pillow


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